WAACK IT OFF 150 150 Supersteps Academy


Learn some Waacking basic technique and how to move using different intention.

3 Modules / 7 min 35 / Beginner

In this dance tutorial, Bagsy will share with you some basic Waacking technique. You will also learn some variation that you can implement that will help you grow and build from that foundation.

Trained and competed in many styles, Bagsy has made his name through winning several International Waacking competition.

Some of his achievement includes:
— 2 times Winner at BTS
— Waacking and Locking KOD finalists
— Funk Nation Waacking winner
— Juste Debout UK House Dance winner

Course content

Lesson content

  • 1.1 Setting foundation

  • 2.1 Building and developing

  • 3.1 Diversify your Waack

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This course is for you if...

1. You want to learn and master basic Waacking moves
2. You want to learn how to play with different variation