DANCERS DO BUSINESS 150 150 Supersteps Academy


Learn how you to successfully apply for funding. This course will give you the tools to write up a clear action plan and business strategy to get any of your project funded.

9 Modules / 3 Hours / All level

Many dance artists want to set up incredible projects to inspire the youth in their community, change society, raise awareness, or make people happy.

However many dance artists don’t know that THIS… can be funded!!!

This course will show you how you can get fundings that can help you pay for your international dance travels, research for a new show, rehearsal space, set up community classes and more.

Cindy is an artist wearing many hats: Choreographer & Director, Dancer & Performer, Dance-storyteller & Playwright, Dance Entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Belgium, Cindy has been based in London since 2005. She is a true dance backpacker. She collected invaluable human experiences alongside her artistic path (USA, Jamaica, Europe, Trinidad, Africa, Venezuela, etc.).

Class content

Lesson content

Each lesson will have a step by step video tutorial which will help you find the money to fund your project.

  • 0. Welcome

  • 1.1 The 3D’s
    1.2 Values: Artist and Project
    1.3 Values – Exercice
    1.4 Yes AND vs Yes BUT
    1.5 Your WHY
    1.6 Public Money vs Business Support
    1.7 PS: only want to dance and not interested in choreographing or teaching?
    1.8 From Dreams to Action – part 1

  • 2.1 What are you selling?
    2.2 Resources: WHAT and WHO do you need?
    2.3 Audience / participants / clients
    2.4 How is your artistic expression enriching others?
    2.5 Findings the resources you need
    2.6 Timeline and planning in reverse
    2.7 Timelines explained
    2.8 Commercial sector
    2.9 From Dreams to Actions – part 2

  • 3.1 Collaborators
    3.2 Delegating
    3.3 Your dance company – part 1
    3.4 Your dance company – part 2
    3.5 Your dance company – part 3

  • 4.1 Partnerships – Intro
    4.2 C-B-A
    4.3 Artists are a solution
    4.4 Partnerships and building relationships
    4.5 Dealing with a NO
    4.6 Commercial Sector

  • 5.1 Intro
    5.2 What can you ask money for?
    5.3 Making a budget
    5.4 Budget template
    5.5 3x Budgets
    5.6 What if…?
    5.7 Sustainability and Consistent Income

  • 6. 1 Funding Applications
    6.2 Guidelines – Deadlines – Word Counts
    6.3 Making a Budget
    6.4 Background, experience and achievements
    6.5 Proposed project and what do you aim to achieve?
    6.6 YOUR artistic / professional development
    6.7 Artistic Collaborators
    6.8 Partners
    6.9 Target Audience and Avatar
    6.10 Marketing Strategy
    6.11 Timeline and Activity Plan
    6.12 Evaluation
    6.13 Documentation
    6.14 Where to find pots of money I can apply for?
    6.15 PS: Fundings for Film

  • 7.1 Building your mailing list
    7.2 10000 likes and zero bookings
    7.3 Content – the WHAT
    7.4 the WHY
    7.5 Visibility, Engagement, Hashtags

  • 8.1 K, A, V and L for powerful communication
    8.2 Pitch your idea to outsiders
    8.3 Time Management
    8.4 Creating a Formula
    8.5 Procrastination
    8.6 YOUR deadlines

  • 9.1 Crowdfunding – Intro
    9.2 Choosing the right platform
    9.3 Setting up your page
    9.4 Rewards
    9.5 Timeline
    9.6 Strategy and Psychology
    9.7 Mindset
    9.8 Sharing and caring
    9.9 End of the campaign
    9.10 Last but not least

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This course is for you if...

1. You want learn how to apply for fundings
2. You want to gain strong negotiation skills
3. You want to learn business and financial skills