COLOURFORM 150 150 Supersteps Academy


The ultimate course for absolute beginners to learn how to dance to nearly any genre of music!

3 Modules / 2 Hours / Beginner

In this course, Nathan will take you through a journey where you will learn how to move and dance to different type of music. The pedagogy is galvanised by custom-made music and a fascinating science flare, all wrapped up in a lighthearted ‘gamified’ experience.

Nathan began exploring dance at the age of 15 in his small home town in NSW, Australia. Now at 28, he has spent the last 13 years refining his understanding of dance by attending classes in various locations around Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Unlike many other dancers, Nathan specialises in the pedagogy required to teach dance rather than performing himself, having delivered workshops in Australia and internationally that focus on getting people of all ages and skill sets to enjoy the sensation of dance.

Nathan has choreographed a number of performances in Sydney that utilise his strong following of non-professional dance enthusiasts, and his teaching repertoire is extensive, including having taught at the famous Sydney Dance Company.

His unique skill set also extends into videography, music production, and even exercise science, all of which can be experienced first hand through his content on Supersteps.

Course content

Lesson content

Each video has been meticulously designed to be no longer than 5-10 minutes. You’ll learn one idea per lesson and instantly be able to put it into practice through ‘drills’ and simple ‘homework’ tasks.

  • 1.1 The language
    1.2 The element of music
    1.3 Linking the body and elements
    1.4 Groove, sync and move
    1.5 Masterclass

  • 2.1 Grooving to House
    2.2 Grooving to Hip Hop
    2.3 Grooving to Latin
    2.4 Grooving to Jive
    2.5 Grooving to Funk

  • 3.1 Advance groove, sync and move
    3.2 Weight transfer and contrast
    3.3 Genre adaptation
    3.4 Freestyling
    3.5 Masterclass 2

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This course is for you if...

1. You are a beginner and want to learn how to dance
2. You want to understand how to move to different type of music